Joy for Today devotionals journal offers you 14 days of scriptures, thoughts, tips, and reflections pointers for you to incorporate joy in your everyday life. Dr. Brown shares her experiences of filling up her days with joy, no matter

what the circumstances. Your joy sometimes run dry when not drawing from the well of joy often enough. You will be amazed at the impact of how choosing joy touches every area of your life in a positive, life-changing way. This devotional will help you how to: create more joy in your life, restore joy to those areas of sorrow or pain, take time to reflect on the joys in your life, and regain strength in all areas of your life with joy. This book will benefit all audiences, especially those desiring to live a joyful life.

Joy for Today Devotional Journal (E-book download) $9.97


Joy for Today Devotional Journal (Book) $14.97

Defining Moments

This book is filled with not only stories, but strategies bring your dreams life. The goal is to help you to begin to grow wings and soar. Bear in mind that there is a process you have to go through and we will take you through them step by step. You will be challenged to take risks, since “without risks there are no rewards.” It’s time to get some rewards by dusting off your dreams, designing a plan, and doing the work to create a successful action plan to live out your Divine life design.

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God did it for these forty women. He can do it for you too.

Diane Cunningham and Jo Ann Fore have crafted a Chicken Soup for the Soul®-spirited book that takes readers on an inspirational journey; a journey which teaches women how to entrust the hard spots of life to a sovereign God who has a plan.Inspired Women Succeed is a book of courage and hope. You will connect with forty, brave-hearted Christian women entrepreneurs who faced unfathomable trials with heroic faith.

This book is about real women doing real life. In some way, each of these stories is a piece of our own. Through a vulnerable transparency, the stories of these women offer you a permission to be real. To confront the tough issues of life with a new perspective.

Amazing things happen when women follow their inspiration.