Meet Dr. Hopelyn Brown – Founder and Conference Director

Dr. Hopelyn Brown - Founder and Conference Director

Hopelyn is passionate about connecting with others and seeing them develop into their highest potential. She has always loved to encourage others, helping them to discover their personal values or working with them in practical ways to grow in their personal or professional lives. For over 10 years, she has had the privilege to impact the lives of others as a facilitator, minister, teacher, keynote speaker, and online instructor.

Her vision and focus is "Transforming others into purposeful living." Her multifaceted background includes: Strategic Leadership, Life Purpose Coaching®, Marketing, and Social Work. She holds a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree and she is a Certified Life Purpose Coach®/Facilitator®/Instructor.

About Dr. Hopelyn

As a Dr. of Leadership and mentor, I serve women in leadership to discover the secrets to living by Divine Design. I am affectionately known as Dr. Hopelyn, was born in Jamaica and lived there for the first 35 years of my life. I am the founder/CEO of Hopelyn International. My dream and goal is to see every woman leader reach their highest potential and transform their lives.

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