Take the bold step toward discovery.. “Who Am I?”

Who Am I?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “who am I?” or are you more familiar with being asked “Who are you?” Let me tell you a bit about who I am. I am a Christian Woman Leader's Mentor…. And you may ask, “What does it mean to you to be a Christian Woman Leader Mentor?” Well let me address the first part of that question “what does it mean to be a Christian woman leader?” For me it means to have an intimate, close, secure, confident relationship with Jesus. I recognize Jesus as the reason for my life and salvation and am centered in Him in all that I do. That means, I wake up each day seeking His guidance and wisdom for my life and trusting Him for favour with Him and all that I do daily. The Bible is my guide, and I use it to lead my life. I go there to find His truths and instructions to live in obedience and anticipate His abundance and joy from my actions. As a leader, I exemplify the qualities that I desire to see those that I mentor emulate. I am not perfect, but I work towards growing more like how Jesus desires for me to be each day, in my relationships, my spiritual disciplines, my values, my strengths and my opportunities.

Now I want to stop here and ask you the same question? What does it mean for you to be a Christian woman leader? What kind of concerns do you have being a Christian women leader?

You may be wondering “why is it important?” When you know who you are it helps you to discover your life purpose. It’s not based on what others say.

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